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Who am I?

To have students identify characters in a story.

What’s Your Position?

Students will be able to use positional words when speaking and dancing to compare and contrast the position of objects.

What’s in a Word?

Utilizing the song, "Use a Word" by Red Grammer, students will construct tableaux to demonstrate text meaning after studying words and phra…

What is a Sentence?

Students will learn how to develop and write a sentence; students will be able to show the beginning and end of a sentence; students will be…

The Shape of Me

How do we look the same and different? Students will be able to identify similarities and differences of physical features; identify shapes …

The Adventures of Koala Lou

To introduce the reading Koala Lou by Mem Fox, the students will identify the characters, setting, and the beginning, middle, and end of the…

Tap To Tens and Ones

Students will "tap out" demonstrating their knowledge of how many tens and ones are in the numbers 11-19.

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