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Ragen Carlile
Vice President of Programming
Ext. 209
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Cindy Botts
Director of Finance and Operations
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Kelly Schrader
Community Arts Coordinator
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Julia Mastropaolo
Director of Arts Education
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Amber Williamson
Data Entry & Fundraising Assistant
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John Craven
Marketing & PR Manager
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Board of Directors

Seth Palmer, Chair
Heather Gray, Vice Chair
Michele Tylka, Secretary
Hazel Edmond, Treasurer
Jennifer McEwen, President & CEO

Tara Waters
Wake County Board of Commissioners
Vickie Adamson
Wake County Board of Commissioners
Maria Cervania
NC House of Representatives
James Roberson
NC House of Representatives
Slee Arnold
Lyman Collins
Jasmin Cruell
Jamie Dawson
Sean Gargan
Alexander (Zan) Gormley
Lorna Knick
West Ludwig
Latha Pamarthi
John Samuel
Paulo Simeos
Anna Tison
Lizette Cruz Watko
Jessica West

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Jun 19

Home, by Samm Art Williams

7:30 pm–9:30 pm

Optimistic and strong, Cephus Miles is content to work the land on the small North Carolina farm he inherited from his family.

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