Who am I?

Sedella Hunter Bullock

To have students identify characters in a story.


Book: Caps for Sale
Multiple colored caps
Technology (Smartboard, or projector)


1. Have students sit in a circle.
2. Read or play the book Caps for Sale.
3. Demonstrate movements as book is read.
4. Explain to students that they will be acting out the story.
5. Assign roles to students and demonstrate before students act out.

Differentiation Approaches

1. Show pictures with instructions as a visual aid.
2. Read the story twice for understanding.
3. Have the story visual played for attention and interest.


1. Observe if students are able to control their body and voice?
2. When performing, are students able to follow directions?
3. Did student participate in movement?
4. When asked, can students recognize and tell the characters and setting of the story?

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

1. Have students switch roles.
2. Extend the lesson into visual arts and have them paint the characters and settings of the story.

Additional Details

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