The Adventures of Koala Lou

Elda McGrath

Lesson Goals

Children will be able to orally retell the story in sequence major events in the beginning, middle and end of story. They will incorporate body movements to depict the repetitive phrase “Koala Lou, I do love you.”

To introduce the reading Koala Lou by Mem Fox, the students will identify the characters, setting, and the beginning, middle, and end of the story in a sequential order. To retell the story the student will incorporate pattern of motions for the phrase “Koala Lou, I Do love you”.


Book: Koala Lou by Mem Fox
Sentence Strips
Pictures of animals


Reviewing vocabulary learned.

Discuss and model Characters, setting, beginning, middle and ending in motion, sounds and visual (drum, eggs Activate previous knowledge

Question students if they have ever seen a koala? Where can we find koalas?

Find Australia on the map.What are some other animals that live in Australia?

Preview: Picture walk-Read Koala Lou by Mem Fox one time without stopping. Then using sentences strips with sentences from the story, the teacher and the students put the strips in the proper sequence in a pocket chart next to pictures of the beginning, middle and end. Then read again and discuss the sequence of events and vocabulary. 6 students will come to the front of the room and each will be given one word to say in sequence “Koala Lou, I Do love you”

This will be practiced several times switching the beginning child (word). Chart paper brainstorm and describe the beginning middle and end on a graphic organizer. Then each child will be asked to create a motion to go with that word. Practice in saying words and motion in unison (entire class).

Based on the retelling in the graphic organizer, children take turns telling the beginning middle and end of story. Incorporate the motion when appropriate.

Differentiation Approaches

The students will point to the characters-From oral description. They will Draw a picture of their favorite character and label it. The students will draw the beginning, middle and end of the story. The students will signal agreement with short oral statements using gestures (e.g, “ Koala Lou, I do love you”- Is this the beginning? Clap one time for yes. Clap two times for no.)


The students will group the sentence strips together according with beginning, middle, and end and will retell the story to a partner.. The students will draw a picture of their favorite character and write a sentence.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

The students will create a different version of the ending of the story.

Additional Details

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