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What’s in a Word?

Utilizing the song, "Use a Word" by Red Grammer, students will construct tableaux to demonstrate text meaning after studying words and phra…

What is a Sentence?

Students will learn how to develop and write a sentence; students will be able to show the beginning and end of a sentence; students will be…

Unscramble the Preamble

After exploring the depth of each part of the Preamble through the arts, students will gain a greater understanding of the true meaning of t…

The Point of View Variety Pack

In this lesson students will be able about to create, distinguish, develop, and interpret their own point of view through the integration of…

See, Think, Write!

This lesson will have students work in groups to discuss and order art work based on sequence of events and create a narrative based on one …

Shadow Pigs

Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to recount a folktale/fable in order and be able to convey the central message of the …

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