Shadow Pigs

John Bowman

Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to recount a folktale/fable in order and be able to convey the central message of the story through shadow puppetry.


Blue poster board, cut into 8 pieces (7x11in)
Shank paper fasteners (1/2in length)
12inch bamboo skewers. Before lesson, cut sharp end off.
Colored art tissue
Glue stick
Masking tape
Clear packing tape
1/8inch paper punch
Pre-made shadow theater screen


1. Students will come to carpet and we will quickly discuss these six words: Moral, Characters, Setting, Beginning, Middle, and End.
2. Students will view the story of The Three Little Pigs on
3. During the video students will need to focus on what the moral or lesson of the story was, also, paying attention to the characters, setting, and sequence of events.
4. After the video, I will do a modeling of shadow puppets I previously made. I will quickly tell a part of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.
5. When finished, explain that students will need to work on a team of 4. They will need to create shadow puppets with provided materials.
6. Ensure that each group has all appropriate characters and any necessary props such as a house.
7. Students should be given about 30 minutes to create puppets for their informance.
8. If you see a majority of groups struggling on something, take a time out to re-teach that step or process.
9. After groups have created their puppets and rehearsed, begin informances.
10. Each group informance should recount the story the students watched and should convey the same message or moral.

Differentiation Approaches

1. Students with a learning disability may need directions give one-on-one by another student or by teacher.
2. Student with ADHD may need a “walking around” break throughout the activity to minimize any distracting behaviors.
3. ELL Students may strategically be paired with groups of students who maybe strong in their english.
4. Students who may have poor motor skills may be paired up with students who are stronger in cutting, gluing, and taping to speed up process.


My measure of assessing students will be through an observation of their overall participation and level of work they produced.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

If this activity goes well, I would consider doing shadow puppet informances to assess students on different reading standards.

Additional Details

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