The Point of View Variety Pack

Precious Johnson

Lesson Goals

Students will be able to produce in writing, movement and speech their own point of view of an author and our characters.

In this lesson students will be able about to create, distinguish, develop, and interpret their own point of view through the integration of visual arts, theater arts, creative writing and English language arts.


Cinderella is Seriously Annoying
Cinderella story (traditional)
The Three Little Pigs (traditional)
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Venn diagram


1. (Warm up) the Animal creations activity
Students are broken up in four groups. Students are given an index card. On the index card, it will say create with your bodies an animal with four legs, create an insect, create fish etc. The other groups will try to guess what the shape represents. There is not a wrong answer because the index card did not say a specific name of creature. The point is for each student to express what he/she sees in the shape their peers create.

2. Group discussion about creating one’s own point of view
Teacher will go over art and non-arts vocabulary, and discuss how to create their own point of view after reading literature.

3. Read aloud
The teacher will read aloud both Cinderella and three little pig stories to the class. Next the teacher will ask for students to discuss their own point of view of any book and write it on the vein diagram on the white board

4. Ambiguous (double image) art gallery walk
For this activity students, will go around in the room and view several drawing and portraits that have two images inside it. It is the students job to walk around and jot down what they see in three images. Next the teacher will point out the two pictures and ask for the students to write for 3 minutes what is going on in one they liked the most.

5. Draw a caricature of themselves
In this activity students are to draw four to five exaggerated features of themselves with emotions on their face and a scene in the background. Students are to fill the page and use several colors. Students will then showcase to the class why they choose to include certain aspects in their photo and the story behind the photo.

6. Monologue
In this activity students are listen to their peers caricature drawing background explanation and write their point of view of the caricature they choose.

Differentiation Approaches

Instead of having the teacher doing all the assessing, have the students to go around and assess their peers work based on a rubric, by adding verbal and written, feedback.


To assess the monologue: students must have a story. only have one person talking, include a background information about the character in their photo they created, a monologue about their character.
To assess the self-character drawing: students must draw themselves, fill up the page, use at least two colors, show an emotion.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

This lesson can easily become a whole week lesson plan. Change up the theme you call out for students to become with their body. For example: four-legged animals, shapes, emotions can be themes used for the animal creations activity.

Additional Details

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