Un poema del amor de padres a sus hijos

Rosario Gravino

Lesson Goals

*Get together in groups of 4-5 students
*Represent actions and feelings using body and facial expressions
*Understand what the poem is about

Amado Nervo’s “Amor filial” poem lends itself to a unique tableau representation that includes family and feelings vocabulary in a one-minute representation by collaborative groups.


A copy of the poem ‘Amor filial’ by Amado Nervo


1. Read the poem aloud once. Look for comprehension clues as you read and observe your students.
2. Re-read the poem and act out emotions. Check for comprehension again.
3. Ask general questions about the poem. Is there vocabulary they already know? Are there any words they haven’t learned? Go over vocabulary to reinforce understanding.
4. Form groups of 4-5 students. Students can have a director, a narrator, and actors. Introduce assignment: Students are to create a one-minute tableau representing “Amor filial” poem: One student will recite the poem once the others act out and freeze for two main stanzas.
5. According to class size, 3-5 presentations will be enacted. Once these are finished, whole class can reflect and share about learning experience.
6. Last, teacher provides feedback.

Differentiation Approaches

Purposeful grouping as well as well as extra time provided for children who need it as part of their learning plans.


Teacher-created rubric, checklist, and/or oral and presentation post assessment, observation of final product

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

Students can create a visual representation of the poem using their own poster illustration of the poem.

Additional Details

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