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United Arts Council

Breathing in the Garden

K-5 whole school One Book One School project Who or what brings life to a garden? This is a five month (October, November, January, February, March) collaborative school-wide project, culminating…

Catch Me If You Can

How do the arts connect cultures together throughout the world? Students will use story telling, musical composition, and artifacts to display knowledge of various cultures. Students will participate in the…

Chess Ballet

How does our movement affect our understanding of the world around us? How do you “read” a chess game?…

Cinderella Around the World

The students will have an understanding of various cultures through the use of dance and music using various versions of Cinderella fairy tales/folktales.

Comin’ Up A Cloud

Students will connect the second grade science standards for weather with Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, Mvt. 4 – The Storm. They will create movement phrases that relate to the parts of…

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