Cinderella Around the World

Heather Daughtery, JoAnn Biggs, Jennifer Joyner, Diane Gumpper

The students will have an understanding of various cultures through the use of dance and music using various versions of Cinderella fairy tales/folktales.


Cinderella by Charles Perrault
Rubric for drama performance
Chart and markers


1. Teacher is going to read Cinderella to students in order to review story elements. Write the cast on a chart (characters within story)
2. Introduce the elements of acting tools (imagination/mind, body, voice) and acting skills (cooperation/ensemble, concentration)
3. Students are placed in groups and are given time to act out a scene from the story.
4. Students will perform then reflect on performance and have time to revise.
5. They will then perform their final performance from that scene. What elements did they place in their performance, did they give character description, how did they convey the character’s feelings?
6. Place these ideas on a chart or have them write in reflection log.

Differentiation Approaches

1. Have consistent visual, auditory and kinesthetic cues to keep attention
2. Students being leaders to help with attention and focus
3. Have images on rubrics
4. Group reading to keep engagement
5. Props used to help with hands-on engagement


Use a teacher-made rubric to assess drama performance and a reflection comparing stories to their drama performance.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

The teacher can extend the lesson over a few days by reading Yeh Shen by Ai- Ling Louie and involving soundscapes in a dramatic performance and comparing/contrasting the story to Cinderella. On the third day, read The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo and have students create a dramatic performance including soundscapes and comparing/contrast the story with the other two Cinderella stories. Students will be focusing on the same English Language Arts goals.

Additional Details

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