Dance and Music Integration Math

Luciana Nielson

Lesson Goals

To assess number comparison knowledge and to reinforce concepts learned.

Integrating dance and music to teach math. Comparing numbers.


Music device
Number cards 0-10 (1 set per pair)
Lesson modification: (2 sets of number cards per pair)


Students pair with one another and will share a set of number cards. Once the music starts, students will dance and sing together until the music stops. When the music stops, students will reach inside of their number card set container and will each take a number. Students will then identify their numbers and decide who has the greater number and who has the smaller number. If working with 2 sets of cards, students may explore the concept of equal numbers.

Differentiation Approaches

Differentiate with number cubes for students to compare quantities, as needed. Use higher numbers to enrich activities for students.


Observe number recognition and comparison.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

Discuss and reflect, have students work as two pairs at a time, add numbers to find a sum for enrichment, student with a higher number jumps higher or dances for a longer time.

Additional Details

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