Theater Mask- Who Am I This Time?

Theater Mask- Who Am I This Time?

In this residency, the students work on creating theatrical characters using theater masks. They experiment with moving in different ways in order to support the architecture of the mask. They learn how to analyze the qualities given to them in the masks by the maskmaking artists. They work on clarifying their movement choices while bringing the masks to life onstage. They also work on theatrically “presenting” the mask, the character, and scenes in which the masks participate.

This entire residency can also be shared using the masks, characters, movements, actions and scenarios of the Commedia del’Arte.

I provide all of the masks and materials necessary for this residency.

North Carolina Essential Standards frequently used during this residency include: NCES.I.TA.C.1.1 – Use non-verbal expression to illustrate how human motivations are prompted by physical and emotional needs. NCES.I.TA.C.2.1 – Use improvisation and acting skills, such as observation, concentration, and characterization, to demonstrate given situations. (for Commedia work) NCES.I.TA.CU.2.2 – Use production conventions, such as blocking or style, as given by directors or as indicated by playwrights.

Artist Background

Currently Jef performs mime, variety arts and Mask Theater at fairs and festivals throughout the South. He also shares workshops and residencies in his art form as well as in arts integration. Jef apprenticed with with C.W. Metcalf and Tony Montanaro, and Jacques Lecoq. From 1976 to 1993 Jef was a member TOUCH, North Carolina’s touring mime theater ensemble. From 1993 through 1997, Jef created and performed as Wool E. Bull- mascot for the Durham Bulls. Jef studied Commedia del’Arte at the Del’Arte School in Blue Lake California. Jef is currently the Teaching Artist Consultant to the South Carolina Arts Commission’s ArtsGrowSC Teaching Artist Program. As a performing artist who teaches, Jef’s workshops are necessarily hands-on, and heavy on activity that is pertinent and helpful to students interested in theater.

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