Program Day

On the day of the program, the Cultural Arts Representative should verify that the school is prepared both to welcome the artist and implement the program. The following tasks can help establish a successful program day. In the event a Cultural Arts Representative can not be present, another volunteer or staff member should be appointed to manage all day of tasks. 

Check the venue
Verify that the space in which the program will occur is cleared, clean and appropriately cooled/heated. Confirm that the artist’s technical needs are accommodated.

Welcome the artist
Greet the artist upon arrival. Act as host throughout the artist’s visit and serve as a resource during the program.  Ensure the artist knows:

School policies and procedures
Location of lounge, restrooms, and cafeteria
Principal, secretary, and teachers are present and engaged

Introduce the program
Introduce the visiting artist to appropriate school personnel and students. Acquaint the school with some expectations for the artist’s visit.

  • Ensure teachers understand they are to remain present and in charge of students at all times.  Artists are not substitute teachers, nor are they responsible for maintaining order.
  • Share with students some fun and interesting highlights about the artist. Relevant items may be found in the “artist background” located on the program page of the Directory.
  • See example of a Program Day Introduction.

Enjoy the day
Take pictures and note poignant moments.