Submitting Contracts

Cultural Arts Representatives manage the contracting process for their school using templates provided by United Arts. 

The deadline date varies based on the program start date. For 2021-22 the following deadlines apply:

If the event falls in December or earlier, the deadline is 2 weeks to the day before the start date of the program/performance.
For example, a performance planned on Thursday, October 28 would have a contract due date of Thursday, October 14 and a workshop/residency that begins on Thursday, November 18 would have a due date of  Thursday, November 4.

If the event takes place after December 2021, the deadline is December 15, 2021.
For example, a performance scheduled on Tuesday, March 1 would have a contract deadline of Wednesday, December 15 and a writer residency set to begin on Monday, June 6 would also have a due date of Wednesday, December 15.

Contract Templates
Eligible schools may use one of three contracts to complete the booking process.

Writer Residency (5 day)

Contracts will be collected online. The process requires Cultural Arts Representatives to provide answers to each question and collect all necessary signatures (electronic or otherwise). Completed contracts may then be forwarded as a PDF to [email protected].

School Matching Funds
An electronic invoice (each with its own unique invoice number) will be sent after each contract is received. This payment will cover the portion of the artist’s fee not covered by a United Arts Council grant. Note: Payment for each contract should be provided separately. For example, if you are submitting three contracts, three separate payments will be made – one that corresponds directly (and in full) to each contract.

Final Approval
Fully executed contracts will be forwarded back to both the artist and the school after United Arts receives, approves, and signs each document. Contracts are not legally binding unless it includes a United Arts staff member signature.