Submitting Contracts

Contract deadlines and payment amounts vary.

Contract Templates
Contract templates for all three grant categories can be found HERE.

School Matching Funds
A check made payable to “United Arts” for the school’s portion of the artist’s fee must accompany each contract. Note: Payment for each contract should be provided separately. For example, if you are submitting three contracts, there should be three separate payments made – one that corresponds directly (and in full) to each contract.

Contracts will be submitted online in 2020-21. Save completed contract as a PDF and email it to [email protected]. Submit contracts with all three signatures by the appropriate deadline. Payments will be accepted at our new PO Box via USPS mail delivery.

Final Approval
Fully executed contracts will be forwarded back to both the artist and the school after United Arts receives, approves, and signs each document. Contracts are not legally binding unless it includes a United Arts staff member signature.