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United Arts Council

DIAL Summer Internship

Diversity in Arts Leadership

The Diversity in Arts Leadership (DIAL)  program is a ten-week, paid internship for undergraduate students from demographic backgrounds underrepresented in arts leadership. For the summer of  2022, the nationwide, competitive selection process will grant internships with organizations based in New York City, New Jersey, Nashville, Boston, Sarasota, and for the first time: Raleigh – Wake County.

The pathway to leadership positions at the highest level in the arts sector is not always clear. The DIAL program allows students from backgrounds traditionally untapped for arts leadership to gain skills, networks, and experience that will prepare them for leadership roles after they graduate.

DIAL Internship Details for Students

The DIAL program is currently seeking undergraduate students from across the country who would like to explore a career in the arts and have a strong commitment to cultural equity.

DIAL Internship Application Deadline for students: January 14, 2022

Application Link for Students

The internship includes:

  • Work placement at an arts host organization in one of six national cities (including Raleigh/Wake County)
  • $4,500 pre-tax summer work stipend
  • Individual mentor pairing
  • 30+ hours of professional development and cultural activities
  • A national cohort that will serve as a strong foundation for their growing career

Past interns had this to say about their DIAL experience:

“I view arts advocacy and arts administration as an avenue of not only creativity and entrepreneurship but also a way to empower historically marginalized identities and communities…DIAL is a really great incubator of talent.”

“This experience will play a huge part in my future in making the world more equitable.”

“Here, I can surround myself with leaders in the arts who show a commitment to social justice in their work and believe in the power of art to create personal and political change.”

DIAL Host Details for Arts Organizations

United Arts is recruiting arts organizations based in Wake County to be hosts for the Diversity in Arts Leadership (DIAL) program during the summer of 2022. Arts organizations that become a part of DIAL have the opportunity to host eager and passionate interns and provide them with substantive projects, phenomenal support, and growth opportunities.

DIAL Host Application Deadline for Arts Organizations: January 14, 2022

Application Link for Arts Organizations

Recording of Virtual Info Session

Former hosts had this to say about their DIAL experience:

“One of the most rewarding experiences of being a supervisor is watching my intern run with ideas and introduce concepts, designs and materials that we will continue to lean on for many months.”

“We’ve always been so blown away by the quality and scope of the work that our DIAL interns are able to accomplish and the connections they make will make a huge difference in getting them started in the arts world.”

“This exchange of ideas and resources from both parties makes the DIAL program have extraordinary value.”

More information about the DIAL program can be found on the Americans for the Arts website.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email Ragen Carlile [email protected] (for Raleigh/Wake County program) or Nikki Kirk [email protected] (for the national program).

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