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It’s Raining Art!

Students will be able to express weather conditions through writing and visual art.

Musical Fairy Tales Sound Scape

Creating a soundscape for the Three Little Pigs (ELA) to learn about melody/form and the way instruments are differentiated based on how the…

Math in Motion

The students will classify objects by physical properties, communicate dance through choreography and understand patterns, addition and subt…

Informance: Global Patterns

Students will choose between creating a visual arts piece, drama and/or dance, or writing a parody or original song to demonstrate understan…

Human Body Music

In this lesson, students will be able to describe the functions of the skeletal system and the muscular system, while using songs and instru…

Expressive Face Jugs of NC

Connect clay techniques and the traditions of NC face jug pottery and cultural heritage, in this visual art and social studies integrated le…

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