The Preamble—Our Freedoms Defined through Music and Dance- Connects with Unscramble the Preamble

Angela Mangum, Dana King, Erin Robbins, Jim Stranix

Students will gain an understanding of connections between music and our country’s path to freedom.
1. What music would George Washington have had on his playlist?
2. How could you dance the preamble?


American Historical music- including music by William Billings and other New England School Composers


1. The unit will explore music of the Pre-Colonial—Reconstruction time period. Musical elements and historical connections will be highlighted.
2. As 5th grade Unscramble the Preamble is being taught in Social Studies, music class will being Preamble Lesson.
3. Students will create movements for each of the 6 guiding principals of the preamble: “more perfect union,” “establish justice,” “domestic tranquility,” “common defense,” “general welfare,” “blessings of liberty,” “we the people,” and “United States” to create 8-measure phrases in dance.

Differentiation Approaches

1. Use of multiple intelligences
2. Call and response
3. Group work


Teacher observation, rubric

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

Performance to be combined with 5th grade share.

Additional Details

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