Squish, Swish and Sniff…It Must be Spring!

Susan Columbia

Lesson Goals

Children will identify story characters.
Children will describe story details.
Children will demonstrate an understanding of beginning, middle and end of story.

Mole makes a lot of racket to wake up Bear. Will it work?


Copy of Will Hillenbrand’s book, “Spring Is Here!”
Chart paper
Six different colored markers
Class sets of musical instruments or random objects that can be used to produce sounds (3-4 of each item)


1. Students will listen while “Spring Is Here” is read aloud.
2. Who are the main characters? Select several children to demonstrate who they are by posing. Other students will guess who the main characters are and teacher will ask probing questions to check for understanding.
3. What is the problem in the story? Put the children in groups of two and ask them to act it out. Choose one or two speakers and have them complete the following sentence. The problem in the story is__________________.
4. Before reading the story again to the children, ask them to pay special attention to the details that show the sounds that Mole made in the story. Why was Mole making so much noise?
4. Place children into small groups of 3-4 and assign them an adjective that describes a sound that Mole made to awaken Bear. (Sniffed, squish, tap, knock, swish, toot)
5. Reread this part of the story several times and have children make the adjective sounds using their instruments.
Ask them to show you all of the sounds together. Next, make the sounds very quietly. Then, make the sounds a bit louder. Last, make a racket!
6. Did those sounds work to awaken Bear? Place the children into small groups and ask them to act out all of the steps that Mole followed next. (Mole gathered eggs, milked the cow, churned the butter, mixed, poured and baked to prepare a meal for Bear)
7. Ask the children to think of a dance that demonstrates how Bear felt at the end of the story. Why was he so happy?

Differentiation Approaches

Work with a special buddy if needed.
Assign special roles as needed.


Teacher observations of standards

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

This lesson relates well to the study of weather and patterns.

Additional Details

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