Show Me the Money!

Susan Howard, Brandy Garrett, Joey Mulholland, Kathee Myers

Students will foster a deeper understanding of economics and financial literacy through the medium of creative movement.


Whiteboard/chart paper
Large space


1. Warm up
2. Generate a list of movement words (running, sliding, walking, crouching, falling, spinning, etc.)
3. Discuss a list of key vocabulary terms relating to economy and financial literacy.
4. Students put a movement to the key vocabulary words using the list of generated movement word list.
5. Students would get into groups of 5 and combine their movements to create a short movement phrase.
6. Each group would perform for the larger group. The larger group would guess the vocabulary term being represented.

Differentiation Approaches

1. Shyer students could be paired with more confident students.
2. Discussion/practice about how to be a good audience member and performer.


Informal assessment on group work, behavior, content-specific vocabulary.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

1. Level IV students could include all terms to create a movement phrase
2. At the end of the unit, students could create a movement phrase incorporating economy vocabulary.
3. Students could create math word problems using economy vocabulary
4. Students could create a movie/presentation on the iPads to demonstrate understanding of economic and financial literacy vocabulary.

Additional Details

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