Peek-A-Boo! Which Region are You?

Teresa Caswell, Anna Brozell, Abbey Zelliche

Know the three regions of NC and the physical and cultural characteristics of the region.


Large (18” X 24”) paper


Review the 3 regions of NC. Complete the 3 Regions table prior to using this lesson, see attached. Review the vocabulary: synonym for region is area, go over the meaning of each of the characteristics from the 3 Regions of North Carolina table.
Introduce the rubric about creating a region specific secret room book. Share an example of a secret room pop up book and how it fits with the rubric.
Pass out the large paper. To make the secret room pop up book:
1. Fold paper “hot dog” style.
2. Fold paper “hamburger” style.
3. Return to “hot dog” – fold ends at center crease.
4. Divide the paper into 8 equal sections (paper is already divided into fourths). To do this take ¼ of the left side of paper and fold towards the center. Take ¼ of the right side of the paper and fold in to the center of the paper.
5. Open the paper up and place an X in the 2 far left and 2 far right squares.

6. Draw a light line in pencil across the fold of the paper. Do not extend the line through the boxes with Xs.
7. Fold the paper “hamburger” style so you can view the pencil mark. Cut along the pencil mark. Be sure not to cut along the crease with the squares that are marked with an X.
8. Unfold the paper. On the second square from the bottom, mark the upper right hand corner with a T (for top)
9. Fold “hot dog” style with the crease at the top and the X on the top right on top of the X on the bottom left. Mark the square to the right with a P (for pull) in the upper right hand corner.
10. Hold the paper upright on the table with the crease at the top. Your hands should be on the sides of the paper. Push toward the center of the paper making a plus sign. The squares going away from you, needs to be tucked behind the squares on the right. The squares coming toward you and to the right, need to fold on top of the square with a “P”. Fold like a book.
11. Glue the Xs together.
12. Show the students how they will be able to make a secret room by pulling on the square marked with a “P”.
13. Explain to the students that in art class, they will be making the secret rooms. They will need to use the 3 Regions table to fulfill the rubric requirements.
14. Students need to identify which region they will be working on.
15. Have the students put their name on the “back” of the book and place an “F” in the upper right hand square at the front of the book.

Differentiation Approaches

1. Students who have difficulty using glue, could draw and color.
2. Students who have difficulty staying on task or need reminders about what their focus should be, can get a peer helper.


1. Rubric
2. Essential Questions
3. End-of-unit Social Studies test.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

4th grade social studies continues with the study of the three regions with Early Americans, Settling the Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Mountain regions.

Additional Details

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