Overcoming Learning Challenges Around the World

Becky Brown

Lesson Goals

Students can find the gist of an informational text.
Students can find the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary.

In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to collaborate and conduct research on one of the countries from their text. They will their understanding of visual arts, dance, theater arts, music to convey the “gist” of their text, and in turn the main idea.


Students will need copies of the text book.


I will introduce the lesson via Powerpoint. We will discuss objectives and “I can” statements for this EL lesson.

I will then have predetermined groups and assigned countries in which the children would now in a group setting read the text and create a way to convey the gist of their informational text.

I will have timers to pace with the steps. For example: Step 1: Read the text silently. Step 2: Discuss the text. Step 3. Discuss as a group what is the gist of their text. Step 4: Discuss and decide which strategy the team will use to present to the class the gist of their portion of the text. Step 5: Plan and assign. Step 6 Execute.

Differentiation Approaches

Peer collaboration, visual and auditory instructions.


Their performance is the assessment.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

Allow for the children to express their knowledge in a variety of art forms.

Additional Details

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