OBOS: A Monster Health Book: A guide to eating healthy, being active and feeling great for monsters and kids

Jennifer Medlin, Michelle Krasner, Heather Capps, Denise Harrington

PreK-2nd grade students will understand MyPlate as a tool for selecting nutritious food.
3rd-5th grade students will apply MyPlate to plan healthy nutrition and fitness.
1. How can MyPlate be used to help plan healthy meals and activities?
2. How can I make healthier choices and add physical activity to my daily routine?


Monster Health Book
Books to use for research
My Plate poster or information sheet
Nutritional facts
Costumes and props as needed


Day 1
Fruits and vegetables activity-see attached. 15-20min

Day 2
Begin reading the Monster Health Book-When convenient on your schedule

Day 3
Students choose a healthy food from My Plate to research. Possible ideas- food history, facts about the food, nutritional value, research poultry (chicken or turkey), beef, lamb, fish industries from farm to table, etc.

Day 4
Adjective/Adverb activity-see attached. Using notes gathered from research write a poem on your chosen food. Some suggestions are persona, shape, haiku, acrostic, or free verse poems.

Day 5
Act out the created poem i.e. gestures, sounds, physically become the fruit, vegetable, plant or animal.

Differentiation Approaches

1. Modeling
2. Partner/group work
3. Pre-made rubrics
4. Templates
5. Graphic organizers


1. KWL chart and rubric for research
2. Checklist for poem, critiques and reflections
3. Informances
4. Student portfolio of all work

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

1. Field trips
2. Technology
3. Informance in classroom
4. One Book, One School performance
5. Create an original art piece on healthy food
Write an opinion letter or a public service announcement (commercial) promoting the healthy food that was researched
6. Debate on which food is better
7. Have tasting days for healthy foods

Additional Details

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