Grab Your Letters and Grow

Lis Pfeiffer

Lesson Goals

Identify letters in names
Greater than, most
Less than, fewer
Equal to, the same as

After reading “Chrysanthemum” by Kevin Henkes, the children will build a tableau to graph letters in their names


Alphabet letters, “Chrysanthemum” by Kevin Henkes


1. Read the book “Chrysanthemum”, by Kevin Henkes.
2 . Ask comprehension questions about characters, setting, problem, solution, etc
3. Place alphabet cards on floor.
4. Break students into groups, one student spelling his name. The children in the group should build a human bar graph transitioning from their seat to their letter choosing a pathway; curvy, straight, or zig-zag. The students place their bodies above the correct letters to spell the student’s name.
5. Ask quantifying questions about greater, less, most, least.
6. Continue with subsequent student groups until all students have had turns.

Differentiation Approaches

Purposeful grouping for EL learners
Standing instead of sitting


Children will be able to answer comprehension questions correctly.
The teacher will be able to observe the bar graph for correct letter identification in a name.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

First and last name spelling.
Ask a different question so children can answer using their bodies.

Additional Details

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