Dancing the Water Cycle

Ken Warych

Students will be able to explain the steps of a water cycle and how the sun affects the process.


Big room or space for practice (gym, empty classroom, outside area)


Roles needed: plants, sun, water molecules, landform (mountain)
1. Using chart paper, students and teacher will draw out the steps of a water cycle together.
2. Randomly split class into three groups of 8-9 students.
3. Need 3 plants, 1 sun, and 4 or 5 water molecules. Students need create a dance movement for their part.
4. Develop transition moves for water molecules in the cycle.
Step 1: Water in a pond or lake (collection) to water vapor (evaporation) and water from plant leaves evaporating (transpiration)
Step 2: Water vapor rising to form a cloud (condensation)
Step 3: Cloud too heavy and water molecules falling back to ground (precipitation)
Step 4: Water running down the ground (run-off) back to the lake
5. Repeat steps 1-4

Differentiation Approaches

Selectively choose groups to maximize student learning.


Watch performances from beginning to end for accuracy and ask students to identify and describe the stages of the water cycle.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

Adapt this lesson for other scientific cycles.

Additional Details

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