Dance Your Way Through Changes in Matter

Yvonne Spalding

Lesson Goals

Students will use movement to demonstrate examples of changes in matter.

Use movement to demonstrate and understand how matter changes from a solid to a liquid.


Ice cube tray
Colorful powdered drink
Masking tape
Pictures that represent each term


1. Mix a batch of powdered drink. Fill the ice cube tray with the mixed drink and put it in the freezer to harden.
2. Put a few cubes in each baggie and seal it.
3. Have students squeeze the ice cubes in the baggie. Ask the students what state of matter these cubes represent. (they are solid)
4. Use the masking tape to attach the baggies to a window inside, where it will be in the direct sunlight for the day.
5. Have the students observe the baggie. Ask them what is happening? Are the the cubes still solid or have they changed? Or have they become a liquid or a gas? How do you know it’s a liquid? (liquids take the shape of the container)
6. Ask the students questions about these changing states of matter. What causes the water to change from one state of matter to another? (temperature)
7. Ask the students how we can demonstrate a solid changing into a liquid.
Ask the students how we can create a dance to help us understand how matter changes from a solid to a liquid.

Differentiation Approaches

ESL: Visual pictures representing the vocabulary


Teacher will observe the students as they create the movements and the dance.
An exit ticket telling what caused the ice cubes to change shape. (temperature)

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

Showing students changes from a liquid to a solid

Additional Details

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