Cinderella Stories

Carol Owen, Pam Buckland, Nick Bulloch

Students will:
Learn to sing a folksong from a different culture and strengthen their understanding of communities over time.
Better understand why Folktales and Fairytales are in the nonfiction genre.
Compare and contrast different stories using a Venn diagram.


Any two Cinderella tales from different countries/cultures
Online Venn diagram
Words to song to be projected


1. Classroom teachers will read a traditional Cinderella for background knowledge.
2. In the media center, have the students re-tell the Cinderella story they heard earlier in the proper sequential order.
3. Listen to a read-aloud of the two Cinderella stories from other cultures/countries.
4. Compare and contrast the two stories using a Venn diagram to illustrate similarities and differences.
5. Review the distinction between fiction and nonfiction. Talk about the Dewey Decimal System for arranging nonfiction. Discuss why might folktales (and fairytales) be classified with nonfiction. Talk about how these are community stories handed down from generation to generation. Quick telephone game to demonstrate handing on a story.
6. Look at the countries and cultures these two stories came from. Then, learn a traditional song from one of these countries. Teacher will model the song. Using call and response, students will learn the song line-by-line. We will practice the song three times so they can sing it straight through.

Differentiation Approaches

Teacher will model. Teacher demonstration before students discuss. Allow extra time for processing before taking answers (allow think time). Be sure font on projector screen is large enough for all students to read.


How well can students explain how folktales and fairytales get handed down within a culture? Will discuss as conclusion of class. Students will informally classify books as nonfiction or fiction.

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

Students will create their own version of the Cinderella story or another folktale of their choice. Could also look at fractured fairytales and create their own.

Additional Details

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