Bringing Spanish Speaking Countries into the Classroom

Shannon McKenna

Lesson Goals

Students will be able to use basic phrases and Geographic Vocabulary in Spanish to state the Spanish Speaking country, its continent, its capital, and the colors and symbol of the country’s flag.
Students will be able to collaborate with partners to make a green screen presentation to make their country.
Students will be able to use print and digital resources to locate the information for their presentations.

Unit – Students will be to create a green screen presentation on a Spanish Speaking Country in Spanish that demonstrates and describes where the country is located, its capital, and its flag.


Laptop with Do Ink and IMovie Apps (1 for each 2 students in the class)
Vocabulary worksheets, maps, project format forms (for each student)
Song – 22 Spanish Speaking Countries –
Smart board or other projector device to project the song/maps/forms


Connection – Play the song from RockaLingua – students sing along – locate the countries on their own printed world maps as they are introduced on the smart board screen to the whole class.

Create groups of 3/4 students
*Option to use Cooperation Challenge from Sean Layne’s “Acting Right” activity to make groups.

Activity 1- Create a Tableau to represent a Spanish Speaking country.
Teacher uses learned Spanish vocabulary and phrases to direct students to make a tableau of countries based on specific learned criteria.
Example – Show me a Spanish Speaking Country in South America. Show me a Spanish Speaking country in Africa.
*This activity can be done every day based on different learned criteria – Example – Show me a country who has a symbol of a star on their flag.
**Based on proficiency level Students, they can speak out in Spanish stating what country they are and on which continent.

Activity 2 – Students complete Tableau One-Minute Challenge Checklist
*created by Sean Layne in “Acting Right”

Activity 3 – Students locate and color in the country they portrayed in the tableau on their maps. Students speak it aloud with partners/and/or small groups.

Differentiation Approaches

Cloze Phrases will be provided on a SmartBoard during Tableau exercise for students to complete so they can express what country they are in Spanish.

Higher proficiency students will express country and continent and use more complex sentence structures that will also be displayed on SmartBoard.


Formative assessment based on students’ participation in singing the song, using fingers to follow countries on the map, demonstration of countries in tableau, both in body form and speaking aloud in Spanish, correctly demonstrate location of countries on their maps.
Tableau challenge checklist
Follow up work assessment of Completed Project Forms and
Green Screen Video

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

The above lesson comes in Day 3 of the Unit. The first day introduces vocabulary and Spanish Speaking Countries. The second day is playing games that use Spanish location phrases to locate the countries on globes and maps.

The follow up lesson objectives that come after the above outlined activities are as follows:
– having students complete a project focus form that uses the targeted vocabulary on specific countries
– students complete a form in Spanish and English that states the Spanish Speaking country they will research and present
-research that chosen country, using a variety of print and digital sources to answers specific questions based on the Lesson Objectives (outlined above under Lesson Goals)
– complete project forms that have built in Spanish phrases to support usage of Spanish language in their presentations
– collaborate with peers to create a green screen presentation on that country
– present the final presentation to the class, invited parents, and school community
Note: The Acting Right cooperation challenge and one-minute tableau challenge stated in the above Lesson Activities can be used as a connection and formative assessment of students’ learning goals for each day.

Additional Details

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