15 Minutes of Fame: The Body

Kristi Trangsrud, Lisa Willis Carpenter


Styrofoam trays
Markers and/or paint
Popsicle sticks
11×17 paper


1. Students take the shape people they have created in the previous lesson and review portions and scale.
2. Students create a rough draft line drawing of self.
3. Line drawing is done on Styrofoam trays.
4. Students marker the negative space of drawing (or paint).
5. A test paper is placed on top of print and rubbed.
6. Paper is lifted off.
7. Print is checked and revisions made if necessary.
8. Process is repeated four times on the 11×17 paper for the finished product.

Differentiation Approaches

1. Students can simplify body drawings to just use shapes.
2. Students finished can participate in creating an Andy Warhol slideshow, write a critique of their piece, or another piece of the mentioned artist.


Finished work

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

This is part of a collaborative unit on the human body.

Additional Details

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