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United Arts Council

2022 Artist Support Grantees

2D Visual Art

Adriana Ameigh: To purchase art supplies to create a series of large-scale paintings
Alexandra Sol Caina Vara: To create an online shop and purchase materials
Amber Cummings: To create a professional website and purchase new painting supplies
Brandon Cordrey: To support the creation of a large-scale installation exhibition
Breck Smith: To support the matting and framing of paintings done during the pandemic
Caprice McNeill: To purchase materials to create large-scale linen wall panels
Carolyn Curtis: To purchase supplies for new works of art and to widen the reach of website
Clarence Heyward: To support the purchase of a wall easel, large canvases, and painting supplies
Elisabeth Effron: To frame artworks and create personalized postcards for a solo exhibition
Elyse N. Johnson: To support professional development at John C. Campbell Folk School.
Erica Parsons: To purchase new canvasses, brushes, and paint
Heather Eck: To support a painting installation to honor the 27 victims of Sandy Hook.
Jaclyn Sanders: To purchase materials to produce a large panel painting series for a solo exhibition
Jane D. Steelman: To research and fund training for the creation of a young children’s book
Jiahn Kang: To support supply cost and expenses for upcoming solo exhibition in July 2022
John Johnson, Jr.: To purchase art supplies and pay artist fees
Layla Meyer: To advance digital illustration skills and character development
Louise Bahia Thompson: To purchase materials and studio space to develop an oil painting series
Lovette Larendae Walton: To purchase supplies to document work for website
Maria Frati: To create two large-scale color linoleum relief prints
Miller Taylor: To purchase photographic printing equipment and materials
Paget Fink: To purchase a professional grade scanner to include photographs in collage art
Robyn Scott: To support a project that brings a voice to the disabled artist community
Shauna DuBourdieu McNeill: To purchase materials to create a series of oil paintings
Shawn Etheridge: To support a series of paintings representing all HBCU’s
Susan Martin: To frame two suites of a twelve plate intaglio print portfolio
Theresa M Scott: To purchase equipment and supplies for a photo exhibition
Tim Lytvinenko: To purchase a large format printer to create a project
Tonya Solley Thornton: To upgrade home studio and purchase supplies
Yana Slutskaya: To purchase gallery-quality metal prints for photography collection

3D Visual Art/Crafts

Claire C Ashby: To support the implementation of a sandcasting studio
Jane Cheek: To design and construct a portable outdoor installation structure
Kevin Eichner: To purchase a new computer for imaging, 3D printing, and web management
Lauren Markley: To purchase stone-setting equipment for jewelry studio
Oami Powers: To purchase of studio equipment
Sue Szary: To attend a class investigating multi-shaft technical weaving
Suijin Li Snyder: To purchase and improve production-scale tools
Tina Marcus: To purchase materials to expand “soul-selfie” bas-relief figurative assemblages
Victoria Primicias: To purchase a glass-scoring machine


Alyah J Baker: To choreograph and film an exploration of queer femininity in ballet
Jaclyn Dratch: To support the videography of a virtual dance project
Jennifer Scully-Thurston: To support the post-production process for new project
Larry Bliss: To support the writing and reading of a full-length play dealing with racial attitudes
Matthew Stevens Hager: To write a new children’s stage musical
Ren Cleveland: To support the production of a play
Sandra Dubose: To support the creation of a personal, in-home recording studio
Seema Kudur Viswanath: To produce a music track and video album for a dance piece
Sherita Henry:  To develop and produce a stage play
Sue Scarborough: To develop and market an immersive theatre piece for families


Arshia Simkin: To edit short stories with Pakistani-American characters
D’Lena Duncan: To support ten consultation sessions with Dr. Zelda Lockhart
Emily Cataneo: To attend a residency to complete a draft of a novel about motherhood
Jennifer Lowry: To create Best Buddies Book Club. children’s picture book illustrations
Kiran Kaur Saini: To attend a  writing residency to complete short story collection
Stephanie C. Smith: To develop creative nonfiction manuscript
Thomas R Goldsmith: To support book on the Appalachian-rooted bluegrass music

Media Arts

Alexus Rhone: To develop a digital storytelling series celebrating Black women
Atinuke Diver: To support continued development of the NC set feature film
Tamara Federici: To support podcast/guided tour of the stories and places in Raleigh
Valentina Hueck: To support a short film


Betty R. Wishart:  To support a professional revision of website
Bridget O’Leary: To support four professional recordings of solo classical piano work
Christopher Scully-Thurston: To continue the project Sinewaves in the Triangle
Greg Whitt: To create an e-book to teach positive affirmations through body percussion
Gregg Gelb: To record and make CD’s of new music performed by Fiesta Latin Jazz Quintet
Kelly Nivison: To purchase a Romantic Era flute
Matthew Wright: To create music videos/visuals and studio sessions for a new EP project
Millicent Haywood: To support CD packaging, Website, and a CD Release Concert
Xavier D Skinner: To produce a full-length album

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