United Arts Council

Another Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Students will be able to distinguish between character traits and emotions. Students will also use details to describe the character’s motivation in each setting. Create a script and shadow puppet...

Catch Me If You Can

...Workshop “Exploring Latin American Culture through Animal Folktales.” The teacher will show the class a video that goes through the creative process to model what the students what is expected....

Encyclopedias, Atlases and Google: Oh, My!!

Using dramatic principles of mime, scriptwriting & puppetry to help students distinguish between the various types of media resources available to them and what those resources are best used for.

Expressions Everywhere

Rather than rushing to immediately solve math expressions, student exploration of the concept demands deeper understanding. This lesson for 5th grade AIG Math students explores the concept of mathematical expressions...

Fable and Folktale Fun

What is the central message of a folktale? What is the theme? How are the character feelings, traits, and motivations conveyed throughout the story?

Heat Transfer! Raps! Singing! Oh My!

A culminating activity that puts to work the students’ knowledge of the three types of heat transfer. Students work cooperatively to create a rap or song that tells the definition...

It’s Raining Art!

Students will be able to express weather conditions through writing and visual art.

Lights, Camera, Division!

Students will deepen their understanding of the four different ways to interpret remainders by participating in an activity using creative writing and theatre arts....