United Arts Council

Selection Criteria

Artist Eligibility

Individual artists, ensembles, and arts organizations are eligible to apply. Artists must:

  • Have either a BA or BFA in theatre, dance, music, or visual arts OR the equivalent in training or experience. Writers must have a college degree and evidence of professional writing experience
  • Be active in a professional community and regularly perform/exhibit/publish in their discipline
  • Demonstrate ability and skills to work in an educational setting with K–12 students
  • Be an adult; have only adult group members

Returning artists must have satisfactory evaluations from past participation in Artists in Schools.

Program Criteria

Categories: Applications are accepted in one of four categories:

  • Performance
  • Five Day Writer Residency
  • Workshop/Residency
  • Workshop/Residency designed for Students with Disabilities

Disciplines: Programs should qualify in one or more of our approved disciplines:

  • Dance
  • Literary
  • Music
  • Storytelling
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts

Strong connection to a non-arts disciplines (e.g. history, languages, STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Math]) is encouraged but not required. Programs focusing on areas such as acrobatics, aerobic dance, art therapy, clowning, cosmetology, juggling, karaoke, magic, and martial arts are not eligible to apply.

Requirements: Programs must meet certain requirements to be accepted. To be successful, performances, workshops, or residencies must:

  • be of high artistic merit
  • reflect the artist’s professional training and experience
  • place primary emphasis on teaching students about or through an arts discipline
  • offer more than what a classroom/arts teacher could provide
  • be appropriate for students in the grade levels that participate
  • support educational guidelines as set forth in the Common Core curriculum and North Carolina Essential Standards. These curriculum standards can be found at http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/curriculum/
  • have supplementary educational materials (study guides, teacher guides, lesson plans, etc.) provided to the school before the program
  • occur on school premises
  • occur during a school’s regular hours
  • have set rates for ALL related expenses (either folded into fee or listed), including travel, food, lodging and supplies.


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A series of weekly Town Hall forums curated by The National Women's Theatre Festival about, for, and with theatremakers.

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