The Wonder of It All (Science Through Musical Stories)

The Wonder of It All (Science Through Musical Stories)

Science is fun, exciting and all around us. This program generates excitement about science and encourages children to think about how we all use science in our daily lives. With his clever humor and wordplay, Zak sings original, interactive songs that point out the wonders of the natural world. He shows how he uses technology to bring his ideas to life on stage. Students learn about pitch, frequency, magnetic fields and electric amplification in this joyful celebration of science and they will see electrons in action with Zak’s hilarious plasma ball and Van de Graaff generator demonstrations. They will witness Zak change the frequency and amplitude of sound waves with his theremin and musical saw. And as in all Zak’s performances, children will be encouraged to be kind, curious and confident in this fun and memorable introduction to the science of sound and discussion of the wonders of the natural world that surround us.

Artist Background

Zak Morgan’s wit has been compared to Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. After earning a B.A. in English from Kenyon College, Zak worked as Director of Rights Acquisitions for Recorded Books, Inc. and was immersed in children’s literature. His first CD, “Bloom” received several awards and “Best of” listings and his CD “When Bullfrogs Croak” was GRAMMY nominated. Zak’s music is focused on preschool through older elementary students. He has performed more than 3,000 concerts since 1999. His unique brand of music delivers songs and poems with wit and charm that inspire and tickle folks’ funny bones. Zak’s performances are filled with musical stories, laughter and warmth as he encourages children to learn through reading, imagination, the wonders of nature and science and through believing in themselves. Students use their voices, creativity and body movements to join in the fun singing Zak’s original songs with wacky word play. Zak has released five critically acclaimed records and one DVD for children. “In my programs, I always have the same objective; to generate excitement about the subject matter – music, literacy, science, or character. I want to help children associate learning with fun so they leave wanting to know more.”

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