World of Wonder

World of Wonder

World of Wonder brings audiences on a journey around the world. From Native American conjuring to the character of Turkey’s wise fool Nasruddin, from eloquent hand shadows, to the story of the thousand cranes from Japan, this engaging theater will transport you. Leland is a master of magic, and mime, and uses all his skills to make his multi-cultural message of tolerance a celebration of this world we all share.

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Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

Artist Background

Leland Faulkner is a master theatre artist. Acting, mime, and magic are his mediums. Leland has worked around the world headlining events such as the Shanghai Comedy Festival, Masters of Magic, the International Arts Carnival in Hong Kong, a multi-city tour of Japan, showcases at The Kennedy Center, the Village of Tales, in Ojai, CA., and the International Children’s Festival in Calgary, Canada. He has been a featured artist at international circus festivals in Montreal, Canada, Wuqiao, China, and Izhevsk, Russia. He was a consultant on the film The Polar Express, and has numerous awards for his fiction and documentary film projects.

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