Wonders Down Under, Australian Music & Stories

Wonders Down Under, Australian Music & Stories

Wonders Down Under is an interactive multifaceted performance. Students come away with a unique look at the wonderful Aussie character through an exciting mix of stories, songs, dance, painting, theater and didgeridoo – drawing comparisons in American history and culture. The performance honors both the Aboriginal and European roots of Australia. Students will be introduced to the Aboriginal spiritual worldview – Bush University, the Aboriginal creation story, teaching us to pay attention, care for our water, care for our land – to care for our place wherever we may be. Depending on age, the show could feature dramatic story versions of classic Aussie folks songs & interactive participation; Aboriginal Dreamtime stories told with permission (the Wardamon Creation Story and Great Flood, The Rainbow Snake, Moon & Possum & Spirit Children, Didjeridoo & Termites, The Sun Lady, Brolga (dancing crane), Gurrukmun the Frog; and/or a selection of classic Aussie Bush Ballads or cowboy poetry.

Use this link to view a video excerpt from this program for younger elementary students: https://youtu.be/fgQ5eSjba1w Use this link to view a video excerpt from this program for older elementary students: https://youtu.be/W6VwWu6RNS0


Artist Background

Paul Taylor is a native of Adelaide, South Australia. He is a storyteller and player of Aboriginal percussion and didjeridoo. Trained as a social worker and also in theater, he’s worked as an actor & stage manager in Australia’s theaters as well as a circus clown in England, Scotland and Wales. Endorsed by the state Arts Councils of TX, WY, UT, ND, NC, SC and SD, Paul travels the US performing and conducting interactive sessions for schools, performing arts centers, festivals, museums and libraries. Paul returns to Australia on sabbatical each year to spend time with family and his mentor Yidumduma Bill Harney, custodian of the Wardaman culture in Australia’s Northern Territory, where he has been honored with his Wardaman name “Jalala”. Paul has worked with over 300,000 American children and recorded 5 award-winning albums of Australian song and story, been honored with a Parents’ Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold, Storytelling World ,and Best Educational, and Best Spoken Word Recording awards for Children’s Music.

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