Wire Art Residency/Workshop

Wire Art Residency/Workshop

Residency schedules allow the same 4 classes of students to meet with Jonathan for multiple classes on the scheduled number of days chosen by the school: residencies enable each participant to complete an artistic piece of wire/bead art. Teacher input for project chosen is appreciated and valued, but not required. Workshops can be scheduled to allow an introduction to creating wire art, without the guarantee of a completed piece by each participant. Because workshops do not require the same classes meet with Jonathan for multiple sessions, workshops allow an opportunity for more students to benefit form the experience; however, completion of the art pieces will be done by the art teacher after a workshop concludes. For residency or workshop, Jonathan includes an introductory assembly for participating students, so he can introduce his life and artwork. Themes of the assembly include self-esteem, creative thinking skills, artistic value, overcoming obstacles, and African culture.

Artist Background

Growing up under British rule in Rhodesia, Jonathan used his talent and resourcefulness to transform scraps of wire into toys of wonder. Featured at Exploris Museum in the 2002 hands-on Imagine, Construct, Play exhibit, Jonathan has rekindled his boyhood hobby into a means to support orphans and widows in his homeland. Jonathan loves to motivate students of all ages to find the creativity and imagination hidden within, and he views art as a means to build self-worth and positive attitudes. Wire Boy has been involved with UAC since 2004. He was the guest speaker at the inaugural Holly Springs Arts Festival in 2013. He has also been involved for many years with programs such as the African American Cultural Celebration and BugFest.

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