Weave or Knot!

Weave or Knot!

Students learn all about knots and weaving on a loom in 5 sessions as they build and assemble their own backstrap loom! Once constructed, each student will weave a long sample using colorful yarns. (The small portable looms are easy to store and set up at any location!) Students learn how to safely remove their weaving from the loom and then are challenged to apply their experience directly to the operation of traditional floor loom. During the residency, the artist will explain and demonstrate the process of spinning yarn and weaving patterned cloth.  Weave fiber knowledge and technology developed since the beginning of human history into your art, science, or social studies curriculum! The residency is well suited to grades 3 to 5 but adaptable to any ability or specialized setting.  During the planning phase, each residency can be modified to include your event, theme, and/or to create collaborative and legacy projects.

Artist Background

Jan French is a multi-fiber artist teaching weaving and directing woven collaborations in Triangle classrooms, festivals, museums, historical sites, and shops since 2007. She has worked as a Teaching Artist in Wake, Orange and Durham counties since 2009. While living in Durham she earned graduate degrees in environmental management and design and worked as an environmental planner. This year she received training in strategies and tools for working with students with special needs. She then conducted an “inclusive” weaving residency at Lincoln Heights ES. Both training and residency were part of the Wake Arts Inclusion Project managed by Arts Access. Ms. French can modify her multi-disciplinary and hands-on approach to help most students fully explore traditional finer crafts.

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