Weave or Knot! Together

Weave or Knot! Together

Students learn how to weave on a loom in up to 3 hands-on instructional sessions in your specialized classroom.  Artist will make equipment modifications and will use personal interaction, learning aids and cooperative strategies to help each student to weave their own project or part of a class project. (The small portable looms are easily adapted, stored and set up at any location! ) During the residency, the artist may also demonstrate spinning yarn and weaving patterned cloth on a traditional floorloom.  The residency is well suited to grades 3 to 5 but adaptable to any ability or specialized setting. During the planning phase, the artist will work with teachers in each residency to work with your theme, and/or  curriculum and project ideas.  PrePlanning Classroom Tour and Planning meeting required to identify individual student needs which will direct the selection of appropriate projects, teaching strategies and specialized materials to ensure success of the residency experience.

Artist Background

Jan French is a multi-fiber artist teaching weaving and directing woven collaborations in Triangle classrooms, festivals, museums, historical sites and shops since 2007. She has worked as a Teaching Artist in Wake, Orange and Durham Counties since 2009. In 2017 she received training for working with students with disabilities and worked with 7 classes of PreK-5 at 2 Wake County schools.  Both training and residencies were part of the Wake Arts Inclusion Project managed by Arts Access. Ms. French can modify her multidisciplinary and patient hands-on approach to help most students fully explore traditional fiber crafts.

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