Voytto Tech: a scifi fable on bullying

Voytto Tech: a scifi fable on bullying

This powerful play combines science, engineering, and technology with a strong anti-bullying message. Klipp Casey travels from a planet far, far away to study at Voytto Tech, the most famous science magnet school in the galaxy. Right away, Klipp has trouble fitting at his new school, and becomes a target of social bullies and cyberbullies. What can Klipp do? Who can he go to for help? And what can anyone do about the huge energy crisis threatening the planet? This highly interactive play is performed by two actors who become a variety of characters. The entire audience participates from their seats, becoming characters in the story and brainstorming possible solutions for Klipp’s problems. No play can or should offer an easy solution to the complex problem of bullying; Voytto Tech offers schools an opportunity to open up dialogue about the complex issues surrounding bullying, in an engaging and interactive way.

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