Students learn two authentic Russian folk dances & accompany themselves with Russian percussion. The 1st dance uses trios, the 2nd, partners. These configurations along with the choreography make for interesting “discussions”ť as students negotiation the learning process. A power point with attractive pictures shows the Troika (3-horse drawn sled, developed for speed in Old Russia) on which the dance is based. Students get a historical & cultural (Russian) perspective on communication, comparing mail relay systems vs. today’s snail mail & e-mail. The 2nd dance “Sasha!”ť presents other facets of Russian culture which can be compared & contrasted to American culture. Learning a dance is a complicated sequence, requiring lots of instruction, direction & attention. To coordinate all the dancers, percussionists, & live musicians, students are involved in an interesting planning process which unfolds every step of the learning. Teamwork, collaboration & listening are essential.

Artist Background

Russian Duo, an international project born out of a love of traditional music and classical elegance, has been fascinating children across North America with vibrant balalaika, piano and vocal performances. Oleg, a virtuoso from Siberia and Terry, an American pianist perform traditional Russian music, chamber music classics and unique transcriptions of world favorites. Russian Duo celebrates cross-cultural collaboration.

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