Travelin’ Shoes: A Multi-Cultural Storytelling Extravaganza!

Travelin’ Shoes: A Multi-Cultural Storytelling Extravaganza!

Rona doesn’t just tell stories, she embodies them with her signature dramatic style! Rona tells stories from many cultures and countries, as well as a few original stories, seamlessly moving between various characters and narrator in a dynamic performance. She uses physicality, voice, facial expressions and audience engagement to create a “Living Literacy” experience. Rona is passionate about sharing the power of storytelling, a form of oral literacy. Storytelling is a super-charged tool for developing “The Imagination Muscle” – essential for inquiring and creative minds – while organically learning vocabulary, listening skills, auditory/visual/kinesthetic recall, sequencing, descriptive language, rhythm of language, story structure, nonverbal communication, cultural information and empathy. It can support reading and writing skills, be a springboard for discussion (i.e. character motivation, social-behavioral lessons and consequences, scientific facts) and it can give struggling learners a positive experience with language. Rona’s stories entertain and teach…without preaching! Join her on a journey in your mind’s eye! Follow-up workshops are available for any of her performances.

Thematic Programs, GRADES K- 6: Environmental; community, kindness; self-esteem; strong girls/women; sea stories; Halloween. GRADES 6-8: “Say What?! Talk That Talk!”, a selection of more nuanced and sophisticated multi-cultural tales without sacrificing some humor! Specifically themed shows for 6-8: ; community; creepy; Stories of Justice, Freedom, Hope, strong women, environmental.

* Hand-outs for teachers, parents, students provided

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Artist Background

Rona is the real deal! She knows how to engage kids of all ages. She understands schools. She’s an Educator. And she’s lots of fun! For 30 years Rona has put laughter in the belly and smiles in the hearts of listeners with her exuberant and dramatic style, effectively imparting messages and educational concepts in a captivating, entertaining fashion. Her motto: “Bringing Imagination and Motivation to Literacy and Learning” while meeting curriculum goals. Rona is a Storyteller, Coach, certified Teacher, Improv Theatre/Movement Specialist, Environmental Educator and Team Building Specialist. She has taught graduate courses for teachers at Columbia University, Lesley University and the University of Massachusetts, provided workshops for the Massachusetts Teachers Association and produced The Summer Storytelling Institute for seven years. Her CD, “Into The Dark: Stories From The Shadows” won a Gold Award from Storytelling World. Co-Editor, “Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories of Peace, Justice and The Environment” – winner of Storytelling World Honors Award. Rona is an approved Performing Artist and Teaching Artist: Massachusetts Cultural Council, New England Touring Roster, BOCES (NY) and The Connecticut Storytelling Center. Professional Development Provider with the state of Massachusetts.

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