Think Bigg

Think Bigg

Think Bigg blends mime, storytelling and puppetry into a hilarious show of kid-friendly stories and characters. Featuring lots of audience participation, students learn about non-verbal communication and specific mime techniques both onstage and in their seats. “In short episodes as a racing-car driver, a pilot, a robot, a digital dude, a puppet named Mr. Bigg and the classic man-trapped-in-box scenario, he fascinates his young audience and involves them in trying some of his moves and realizing the power of the imagination.” – NOW Magazine, Toronto

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Artist Background

Trent Arterberry is an award-winning performing artist whose unique brand of physical theatre combines mime, storytelling, comedy, and drama. Arterberry is currently touring across the US and Canada to schools, theatres, and festivals with four different one-man shows. He also tours as one-half of the renowned Super Scientific Circus.

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