The Magic of A Cappella

The Magic of A Cappella

This interactive, behind-the-scenes tour of a contemporary a cappella production will reveal how the integration of science and technology enhance all-vocal music! Students will hear an overview of the science of sound as it pertains to music, specifically how the anatomy of sound waves relate to pitch and volume. Students will differentiate between demonstrated vocal roles within an a cappella group, with special attention given to the rhythm section (bass and vocal percussion). Students will observe demonstrations of specific sound system components, including wireless microphones and in-ear monitors, speakers and a mixing console, and will then discover how that technology is physically and scientifically utilized to achieve sound effects required for authentic and audible instrument imitation. Students will actively listen to identify the substance of a musical selection and then brainstorm ideas for translating it to voices only. Vocabulary and musical concepts will be age-appropriate, and students will have the opportunity to interact with and interview the performing artists!

Artist Background

Transit Vocal Band is four singers – that’s it! As their “all band, no instruments” tagline suggests, they recreate a captivating, full-band sound using the power, versatility and emotion of the most powerful instrument of all – the human voice! Transit Vocal Band has entertained audiences of up to 40,000 people in venues throughout the US, including the prestigious Carnegie Hall, and boasts award-winning albums! Since 2005, their cast of professional musicians has educated over 1,000 school audiences comprised of K-12 through college-level students. Transit Vocal Band’s customized educational programs inspire young minds by showcasing how science, technology and artistic innovation combine to enhance all-vocal performance while celebrating the cultural and historical evolution of the contemporary a cappella music genre!

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