The Griot’s Gourd

The Griot’s Gourd

The Griot’s Gourd is a musical performance with storytelling instruments made from gourds. Through both traditional and original melodies, dancing and singing, Shabutaso’s modern-day griots make connections between Africa and the African Diaspora, including between West Africa and North Carolina. Audiences are invited on stage to become part of the magic. Students will see, hear, and know for themselves that there is more to Africa than just drums.

Artist Background

Shabutaso Inc. began as a family of artists in 1985 performing, teaching, and creating African art as a way of life. In 2010, Founders Mama and Baba Shabu re-located to West Africa to build a cultural center and artisans’ workshop on a 10-acre farm in Liberia. Their children Teli and Mabinti, multi-instrumentalists, are modern-day griots continuing the legacy of their elders.

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