Super ME! – Anti-Bullying Training

Super ME! – Anti-Bullying Training

“Super Me” is a fast paced virtual theater adventure that combines high-energy movement, puzzles astounding magic, interactive animation and a live actor. Audience members are taken on a virtual journey into a comic book world to help a young boy escape from bullies.

Kids interact with the animated and real life characters. The audience must help the boy overcome obstacles and solve puzzles using super powers (Super Human Strength, X-Ray vision, Telekinesis, and Aquakinesis.)

During the show, kids are taught a hip-hop dance based on the “Super Me” theme music. At the end of the show, they can perform the dance to move to next level of the Super Me training program. The Super Me song summarizes all the Anti-Bullying methods given during the show. Kids not only see real life examples of bullying, but are given clear step by step actions to help stop bullying. ​

Secret messages giving kids methods for fighting against bullies are shown throughout the show. The messages require special X-Ray vision decoder glasses or the Super Me X-Ray Vision App at first but later in the show the message appear without the decoder so it is not absolutely necessary to have the app or glasses to enjoy the show. ​

The supporting free X-Ray vision app can be download (For Android Devices / For Apple Devices . You can also download our X-Ray vision glasses template and a watch a video on how to make them from the above links!

Artist Background

Sean Driscoll began performing professionally at the age of fifteen. At sixteen he was awarded the Young Artist award in Atlanta, GA and began a long career entertaining children in school with educational programs. Now forty years later, Sean tours regularly throughout the US performing in theaters, schools, libraries, television, concert, and festival settings. Sean completed his BFA in music from Florida State University and taught classical guitar for ten years at Armstrong University in Savannah, GA. He has been selected for Artist in Residence programs throughout the US (1990 to present). Mr. Driscoll reaches hundreds of thousands of children each year through his residencies, workshops, and performances. He recently performed for over 10,000 kids in Houston, Over 7,000 shows!

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