Studio Time ELA with Mr. B

Studio Time ELA with Mr. B

In this energetic and unique program, your school will be transformed into a professional recording studio where your students will ALL experience what it’s like to record an original song together! Every student will participate in the song creation, rehearsal, and performance within one fast-paced and exciting 60 minute collaborative workshop-style session. During their time together, students will create lyrics to a song using words and characters from their school, as well as learning about and offering suggestions for parts of speech to complete each storyline. Lyrics provided by students will be unscripted, unplanned, and uniquely hilarious to each school experience. Even though everyone will be smiling and having fun, remember that every word written is designed to help them learn grade-level appropriate ELA skills that their teachers really want them to remember.

Students will be shown how to use recording equipment to capture their ELA-themed song, as well as create their own accompanying movements for the song. After they finish rehearsing, learning, (and laughing), students will deliver one final group performance that will be recorded and shared back with the school representative. This audio recording and accompanying (private and unlisted) YouTube lyric video of their exact performance can be listened to or watched back for test review, during brain breaks, or at home to reinforce the ELA concepts they learned and to reminisce on the experience of creating music in the studio.

Two separate grade-level appropriate programs are available for K-2 and 3-5 students, and all lessons are universally designed by ELA and music curriculum experts to align with state and national music and ELA standards. (Specific standards and lesson plans available upon request)

Artist Background

Kevin Brawley is an educator, children’s choir director, educational consultant, and public speaker with over 25 years as a recording, performing, and touring artist. He was a public school teacher for nine years in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, and a private guitar teacher for nine years prior to that. Kevin believes in every child’s ability to learn regardless of circumstance or background. He prides himself on having an inclusive and positive learning environment for all of his students – especially those with disabilities. In 2019, he was named one of 30 National Music Teachers of Excellence by the CMA Foundation and was also named the UNC-Charlotte Young Alumnus of the year. In 2020, he was named the UNC-Charlotte COAA Distinguished Alumnus of the year. He has also spoken around the country sharing innovative ways to teach students with autism through music.

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