Story Toolbox: Creating Stories From Scratch!

Story Toolbox: Creating Stories From Scratch!

This fun, highly interactive literacy program offers two options:

WORKSHOP: In this single class workshop we will review the parts of a story using a chant, learn a strategy for spontaneously creating a story and actually create a story as a class. This will give a structure which the teacher can use to help students when they get the “I don’t know what to write” itch! This can be a stand a alone workshop or a follow-up to a performance.

RESIDENCY: This five day residency extends the above workshop to give students more confidence in creating their own folktales. Using the above model as a tool, groups of 3-4 students will create their own stories (possibly “how-things-came-to-be” stories). We will then learn how to use our voices, facial expressions, movements and imaginations to tell their stories as a group. Rona will coach the groups and, time permitting, she will introduce them to “The Art of Questioning” to help students start to learn how to respectfully coach each other. Classes can share their stories with each other after the residency if they so choose. Emphasis is on sharing rather then performing. For grades K-6 (content varies slightly with grades K-2).

Rona’s other workshops/residencies include: “The Art of Questioning”, “How to Improve Story WRITING through Story TELLING”, “Creating and Telling Personal Narratives” and more! Also see Rona’s UA offering “Kids Telling Stories: Literacy At The Tip of Your Tongue!”.

Artist Background

For three decades Rona has shared her passion for the power of storytelling/creating as a Performer and Teaching Artist, known for her supportive nature and enthusiastic spirit. Rona calls storytelling “Living Literacy” and “Theatre of the Imagination”….essential for inquiring and creative minds. Her motto: “Bringing Imagination and Motivation to Literacy and Learning” while meeting curriculum goals. Rona is a Storyteller, Teaching Artist, Coach, certified Teacher, Improv Theatre/Movement Specialist and Team Building Specialist. She has taught graduate courses/workshops for teachers at several universities (Columbia, Lesley University and UMass), Massachusetts Teachers Association and The Summer Storytelling Institute. Her CD and Book have won awards (Storytelling World). Approved Performing Artist and Teaching Artist: Massachusetts and NY Cultural Councils, New England Touring Roster, and The Connecticut Storytelling Center. Professional Development Provider for Massachusetts.

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