Stories Alive for All!

Stories Alive for All!

Students of all abilities will participate in theatre exercises and create a dramatic story using the tools of an actor including body, voice, and imagination. The session begins with warm up exercises to explore characterization through movement and vocal expression. Then students activate a story by embodying the characters, interacting with one another, and the facilitator within the imagined world of that story. Teachers will also benefit from this program by learning techniques of creative expression that can be used after the residency.

Specific story requests may be submitted at the time of booking or a suggested list can be provided. This program is available as a one-time workshop or, since repeat visits can provide students additional time to develop comfort and confidence in drama classes, Stories Alive can also be facilitated as a residency consisting of 3-5 sequential classroom visits.

This residency can be designed to meet the learning needs of your group. The required planning meeting (in person or virtual) includes time for discussion of student needs and input on the preferred instructional methods. For students with disabilities or self contained classrooms our instructors will discuss any needed accommodations such as sensory friendly supports, alternate expressions for non verbal participants, supports for behavior challenges, etc.

Artist Background

Raleigh Little Theatre’s education program engages young people ages 2-18 in theatrical training and personal development. Raleigh Little Theatre is dedicated to the belief that theatre training promotes self esteem, builds confidence, stimulates creativity, sharpens communication skills, fosters an appreciation of community, raises cultural awareness, celebrates diversity, encourages respect for self and others and lays a foundation for a lifelong love of the arts. The study of theatre not only trains students to be better actors, it inspires them to be better people.

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