STEAM Writing Residency

STEAM Writing Residency

STEAM Writing Residencies deepen whatever your students are studying in science, at any grade level, to help them find connections between Science and English Language Arts and strengthen their writing skills across the curriculum. Choose from ecosystems, landforms, animal adaptations, the water cycle, chemistry, biology and physics—or talk with Mimi to design your own science-based STEAM Writing Residency. One- to three-day STEAM Writing workshops for teachers and students are also available.

Artist Background

Mimi Herman transforms lives. She is a Kennedy Center teaching artist, writer, and editor, and the director of the United Arts Council Arts Integration Institute. Since 1990, Mimi has engaged over 25,000 students with writing residencies, as well as providing professional development for teachers, administrators, and teaching artists. Mimi is a member of the Board of Directors for the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, and co-director of Writeaways writing workshops in France, Italy, and New Mexico. A North Carolina Piedmont Laureate and recipient of the United Arts Council Business Support of the Arts Award, Mimi is the author of The Kudzu Queen, A Field Guide to Human Emotions, Logophilia, and The Art of Learning.

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