Shana Tucker: ChamberSoul Cello & SongStories

Shana Tucker: ChamberSoul Cello & SongStories

Presented by singer-songwriter and cellist Shana Tucker, “ChamberSoul Cello & SongStories” is an information session + performance — informance — experience designed to introduce the audience to essential song form elements of: verse, chorus/hook, bridge, intro, outro, solo sections; the relationship between melody, harmony, lyrics; and the role of musical storyteller through the art of songwriting. The program can adopt a curriculum-based or thematic approach. In some instances, “ChamberSoul Cello & SongStories” has translated essential elements of an identified story or theme into a song that students will have advanced information (inspiration words) and provided essential input for the development of a new composition that Shana and her trio will present. The ensemble travels through several different song styles, overviewing tempo, form, dynamics, improvisation, rhyme scheme, rhythm, tone and storyline to encourage a more active listening and participatory experience that addresses several curriculum standards. Students will also actively participate in executing simple rhythms using body, instruments or voice, illustrate steady beat, and describe how words/phrases supply rhythm and meaning for the song. Students are encouraged to ask questions before the final song. Use this link to view a video excerpt from this program:

Artist Background

Lyrical storyteller. Soulful cellist. Dynamic singer-songwriter. That’s SHANA TUCKER. Her unique genre of ChamberSoul™ weaves together jazz, roots folk, acoustic pop, and a touch of R&B, into melodies that echo in your head for days. Steeped in story, Shana’s ChamberSoul is rich, deep music that sits down next to you and puts its arm around your shoulders. She’s the rare performer you’ve never seen the likes of before—and one you’ll never forget. A front-line advocate for arts education, Shana is an accomplished teaching artist, working with students of all ages, from Pre-K through college and beyond. She is also a North Carolina A+ Schools Fellow and a teaching artist with Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts.

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