Roger Day’s “Invincible”

Roger Day’s “Invincible”

“Invincible” – It’s a bird? It’s a plane? NO!! It’s the power of the brain! Roger Day’s teaching program “Invincible” encourages and empowers young super heroes everywhere to solve the problem and save the day by using the greatest super power of all: imagination! “Invincible” is a collection of original songs about young characters using their brain power, courageous spirit, reading and imagination to solve problems and make a difference in the world. Songs include: “Invincible” – the theme song of the show – Kapow! Kaboom! Zap!! All those super hero super powers are great, but the real super hero power is using your imagination and saving the day “through the pages of the book”; “Turn the Page” – encourages young readers to discover what really happens, and how to solve the problem; “Everyday Heroes” – celebrates the everyday heroes who make the biggest difference of all: teachers, librarians, police officers and parents. The endearing message of these songs will remind students that they can do anything they put their mind to–no matter what! Key concepts include literacy, critical thinking, musical arts, motivation.

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Artist Background

Roger Day believes in the power of imagination as the original – and still undefeated superpower. Throughout his career as a visiting artist and educator, that has been his north star when working with students and teachers alike. It informs his approach to both songwriting and presenting, whether that presentation occurs in a large assembly with hundreds of students, or a single classroom during a writing workshop. Roger has been writing and performing smart, original, interactive, high-energy children’s music for over 25 years. His clever lyrics & upbeat rhythms are infused with wry & silly observations about the world around us, and fun word play that tickles kids’ funny bones & moves them to think. An approved Dove Family Foundation artist & multiple Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner, his infectiously fun concerts are action-filled adventures exercising kids’ minds AND muscle, body AND brain; inspiring them to discover their own talents and to give flight to their imaginations. Roger is a former camp counselor and Magna Cum Laude graduate of Washington & Lee University touring over 100 shows/year entertaining & educating students across the US.

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